Cypress has completed a new M&A transaction of Estratégia Concursos with private equity fund Axxon Group

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Cypress has successfully completed a BRL 100 million (USD 25 million) M&A transaction of Estratégia Concursos with private equity fund Axxon Group.

Estratégia Concursos is a Brazilian leading Edtech company, focused on online preparatory courses. The deal was the first investment of Axxon Group in the education sector.

“Negotiating with Private Equity funds is something an entrepreneur does once in a lifetime whereas negotiating with entrepreneurs is a daily routine for private equity managing partners. We just succeed reducing this assimetry of knowledge and experience because we had Cypress team support. They were vital for us to close the transaction and achieve the demands and aspirations of all the partners involved.”

Mario Pinheiro , Estratégia Concursos Co-founder of Educapital and angel investor

“Without Cypress’s help, we would not have received so many proposals. Since the beginning of the pre-deal structuring process, we had complete trust in the team’s ability to help us achieve the best investment to the company. They had a complete understanding of the moment we were in, prospecting investors aligned with our strategy and the founders’ objectives. Their dedication also make viable the closing of a deal in keeping the interests of several partners and the investor. We are grateful to the Cypress team for their excellent work.”

Heber Carvalho , Founding Partner and CEO of Estratégia Concursos