Estratégia Educacional raised BRL 70 million with the Axxon Group Fund in its second fundraising round

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Cypress advised the group Educacional Estratégia in its second fundraising round with the Axxon Group Fund, in the amount of BRL 70 million. The first round of BRL 100 million was done in 2019.

The use of proceeds is to develop additional segments in the company, such as Law Career Track courses, University Application Exams , Military Exams, and Medical Residency Courses.

Estratégia Educacional is the educational technology Holding Company of Estratégia Concursos, Estratégia OAB, Estratégia Carreiras Jurídicas, Estratégia Vestibulares, Estratégia Militares and Estratégia Med and seeks to create the best educational products and experiences in Brazil.