We offer our clients financial and strategic advisory on all aspects of M&A transactions. We have vast experience in several sectors, which allow us to provide customized and creative solutions to our clients. We use our expertise in closing deals to minimize risks and increase the success of transaction closing.

Sell Side

We have substantial expertise advising clients on the sale of majority or minority stakes, capital injection, and the total sale of companies to strategic or financial investors. We develop customized solutions, reducing risks and offering unbiased advice in the interest of our clients.

Buy Side

We help clients in the acquisition of assets to increase growth and capture synergies. We provide reliable and unbiased advice with experienced professionals to effectively help our clients with market screening, target engagement, negotiations, risk recognition and mitigation.

Mergers and Joint Ventures

Mergers and Joint Ventures have become an important alternative in growth strategy to access new markets, innovative technologies, minimize risks and gain scale. We leverage our local and international relationships to combine complementary companies or assets in order to share strategic benefits.


We advise clients on the sale of business units or specific assets through innovative strategies to optimize their portfolios. We offer advice in all transaction phases, seeking solutions that create value for selling shareholders, for the newly independent company and for future stakeholders.