Capital Raising

Based on our substantial knowledge and experience, we structure and execute customized financial solutions, including capital growth, project finance, refinancing and leverage buy outs. We are truly independent advisors, without conflict of interests or preference for specific structures or capital providers in particular, always striving to obtain the best terms and conditions for our clients.

Project Finance

We act as strategic and financial advisors helping companies to raise capital for greenfield and brownfield projects as well as financing for expansion and new developments. Through the profound knowledge of our senior team, we understand the project rationale and assumptions, define the best finance structure, seek and negotiate with financial or strategic investors, pursuing the best solution for our clients.

Capital Markets

Based on our expertise and relationship with the market, we support our clients in all phases of a capital market transaction. We provide a substantial analysis that includes cash flows, availability of guarantees, tax aspects, among others in order to define the best vehicle and financial structure. Because of our deep and real-time market understanding, we optimize our clients’ transaction terms and conditions.

Structured Finance

Because of our distinct relationship with the financial market, we offer solutions as syndicated loans and real estate transactions (built-to-suit and sale leaseback, allowing new investments, strengthening capital structure, reducing costs and optimizing guarantees. Additionally, our experience as capital managers qualify us to structure specific-purpose funds to enable M&A and Capital Raising transactions for our clients.


We aim to optimize our clients’ capital structure with a senior team capable of developing alternative capital raising structures as debt and equity hybrid instruments, giving investors the right to convert a debt into a company stake. The mezzanine structure can be through a Convertible Loan, Subordinated Debt + Warrants or PIK Bond.