Strategic Advisory

Our senior professionals offer independent and cutting-edge guidance in a variety of Corporate Finance topics. We have senior partners with comprehensive experience in boards and specific committees, empowering us to offer financial advisory to board members, shareholders, executives and investors. We provide trustworthy, impartial and discreet support to each client.

Private Equity

We advise Private Equity Funds in all phases of their investment cycle, seeking to optimize their portfolio. We support them in the marketing screening process, the buying of companies, in market consolidation, in obtaining leverage buy out transactions or financing investments for invested companies. We offer external and unconflicted opinion about portfolio performance through appraisal reports and help PE funds to create value in a divesting process.

Auctions, Concessions and Privatizations

Our experience and sectorial expertise allow us to offer distinguished advisory in Pre and Post privatization processes, concessions and public-private partnerships (PPP). We execute economic-financial viability studies, support the development of pricing strategy, competition analysis and determining potential partners and investors.

Fairness Opinion

We are recognized for our independence, experience and technical capacity, which reinforces our ability to provide appraisal reports to shareholders and boards (Fairness Opinion). We offer an extensive, rational and impartial perspective about the asset value involved in a strategic transaction.


Independent and without conflict of interest, our team has experience in offering the best assessment and guidance in the preparation of companies that intend to go public. We provide advising in all stages of the process, from the business plan elaboration, analysis of regulatory requirements, market timing, selection and coordination of the work of bookrunners, lawyers and auditors to helping in the definition of transaction structure, size offer and pricing.

Board Advisory

We are recognized for our independence, experience and discretion and are frequently invited to participate in situations requiring conflict free advice. In many cases, this involves advising board members, special committees, formed due to transactions that can result in conflict of interest.